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The Sea Life Center

Avila Beach, CA

This is a great place for our kids to learn about our local environment and experience hands on learning right here on the Central Coast.  Please go to their site and support them anyway you can.

“With a dedicated staff of volunteer educators and biologists, ABMI is committed to providing programs that are beneficial and educational to the community. Through outreach, participation and collaborative efforts, Avila Beach Marine Institute has built lasting relationships with local nonprofits, school districts and businesses in the community.

Children are intrinsic scientists. They are inquisitive about their environment, how nature operates and why. Interactive scientific learning and hands on education is essential in cultivating this curiosity and maintaining children’s interest in scientific exploration as their learning skills develop.

The Avila Beach Marine Institute is a unique marine science education organization providing hands-on learning opportunities in the fields of Marine Biology and Oceanography to the children of Fresno, Kern, Kings, Tulare, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. These interactive learning programs have the potential of reaching over 1/2 million children onsite and through outreach”From